Civil War Ambulance Water Keg.

Civil War Ambulance Water Keg.


Civil War Era water keg which would have been one of several carried on the underside or back of the ambulance–in those days, a narrow horse drawn carriage that arrived at a battlefield after the battle was over; carrying supplies and transporting the men who were most gravely wounded back to field hospitals. Because most of the Civil War battles were fought in the humid Southern states during the spring and summer months, the injured and bleeding men were often parched from dehydration through blood loss–a simple cup of water was a tremendous act of last mercy to men who were soon to die. A keg of this same design can be found on page 81 of Dr. Gordon Dammann's book “Civil War Medical Instruments & Equipment”.
The keg is made of oak staves, it stands about 11″ tall on stabilizing “feet” that are made of two of the straps, bent to keep the keg upright on a wagon back or the ground; it is roughly 9 1/2″ wide at the middle, tapering down to about 8″ at the ends x 20″ long.

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